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On 2017 Feb 11 19:11:12, you wrote to Bill McGarrity:

BM>> Let's get serious here. Yes, I have been interrupted by an issue
BM>> with my daughters BUT... unless it has something to do with their
BM>> health, I'll wait till after work to deal with it. My kids have been
BM>> taught that there are priorities when anyone would disturb someone
BM>> during their work time. Just as I wouldn't call my kid's at work
BM>> just to chew the fat and say hey, a corporate entity made a decision
BM>> based on current sales and decided to go in another direction.

GD> I was with ya until you mention that BS about corporate entity made a
GD> decision based on current sales. I do not believe that for a second.

then perhaps you'll believe this...

"Make America Great Again"?? really? with clothes made in china (as plainly
seen in the above image)?? :smh:


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