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SubjRE: Illegitimate President
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By: ED KOON to JOE DELAHAYE on Sun Feb 12 2017 08:18:42

JD>> Actually, Trump did not get any more jobs at all. The very small
JD>> number that did not go to Mexico will disappear later, and either
JD>> got to Mexico or elsewhere, or be replaced by robots.

EK> Humans being replaced by technology is the world we live in today. Trump
EK> saved those Carrier corp jobs, and other corporations have pledged to
EK> create more American jobs.

He didnt save those jobs. Carrier played footsies with him, and kept those
jobs here for now, but what is generally forgotten in all this is the othere
over 1000 jobs that DID go to Mexico. Those ones he saved will as well.
Bottom line for the company trumps Trump every day.

EK> I voted for Trump because i'm sick of our country going to shit because of
EK> crooked career politicians. Hillary Clinton would have sold out what's
EK> left of America if she got in, and would have gotten us into Nuclear war
EK> with Russia.

You mean like Trump is on the verge of doing, with several countries? Sorry
Ed, Trump has no clue on what he is doing, and neither does his 'cabinet',
Flyn is an idiot as we have found out, and the rest have not yet managed to do
anything, but be afraid.

EK>>> Just like the spin msm put on that lady who was deported and
EK>>> separated from her kids, msm somehow forgot to mention she was a
EK>>> Convicted Felon! Just more bullshit from the crybabies who bet on
EK>>> Crooked Hillary and LOST!

JD>> Actually the only thing she was guilty of was using a fake SS
JD>> number. She was brought into the US by her mother years ago as a
JD>> child. If you listen to ICE then this was supposed to be dangerous
JD>> convicted criminals only, and those facing deportation orders
JD>> already.

EK> Stealing someone else social security number is a Felony. She probably
EK> voted for Crooked Hillary too.. The old saying, ignorance of the law i no
EK> excuse. ICE agents did their job, the job Barrack Obama wouldn't let them
EK> do.

I didnt say it wasnt. What I said was that it was the only thing, and it was
apparently a fake number. No violent crime involved here, and those were
apparently what these raids were after. Instead they remove parents from their
American born children BTW, Barrack Obama deported more illegals then any
other president.
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