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Hello ED!

12 Feb 17 08:18, you wrote to JOE DELAHAYE:

EK> Humans being replaced by technology is the world we live in today.
EK> Trump saved those Carrier corp jobs, and other corporations have
EK> pledged to create more American jobs.

I live less than 100 miles from that Carier plant and travel to the Joslyn
diabetes clinic in Indiana for my diabetes care. ONLY A HANDFULL of the Carier
jobs were saved. Many production line workers will move to Mexico... that is
still going to happen... there will still be layoffs.

I live right on the border of the Homophobebvizenfurher's state. Accordint to
the IndyStar (Indianapolis' news paper) Pence negotiated the deal mostly not
trump and it was a poor negotiation. Indiana is still a big looser... they are
loosing bigly... yuuuuuuge!

EK> I voted for Trump because i'm sick of our country going to shit
EK> because of crooked career politicians. Hillary Clinton would have sold
EK> out what's left of America if she got in, and would have gotten us
EK> into Nuclear war with Russia.

I agree Hillary is crooked as hell... but Trump is not looking to realistic
here leately. In fact he may get is into war with EVERYBODY before it's over
with. At least we don't have to worry about Russia... seems Trump likes ladies
from that region and is making friends with Putin.

All I know is there was not a good choice on this years ballot... not a good
one at all!


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