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SubjRich Liberal Neighborhood blocks low income senior project

Hello Gregory!

12 Feb 17 08:30, you wrote to me:

GD> All of this opposition is nothing more bigotry and excuses, you will
GD> not likely hear of their real unfiltered reasons why. It is sad to
GD> learn of these things, change starts with one man making a difference.

Well they are trying to block it and our Republican governor is now getting

The "Project" as the liberal city is callign it is very upscale and is probably
one of the nicest low income senior housing subsidized apartment complexes that
will be in the state.

In fact it is every bit as nice as the high rent apartments in the same area.
The investor said that Low Income Seniors deserve a nice safe place to live and
I agree.

The areas that the opposition are suggesting it be put in are ... high
crimeareas that have no conveniences and really would add to the isolation and
depression that most low income seniors suffer from mainly because of the areas
that are engineered to be their housing.



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