FromIan Segers3:770/340.0Date Write2017-03-30 13:43:17
ToWard Dossche0:0/0.0Date Arrived2017-03-30 03:50:27
SubjRe: Tim Richardson
Hi Ward

WD> IS> him off my bbs, ...
WD> I never said that.

okay then I misunderstood sorry.

WD> Tim should be encouraged to become a fully fledged node and not use
WD> BBS's.
WD> If what he says and how he acts on a BBS is not acceptable for a node, it
WD> should be unacceptable for the BBS as well..

Okay I understand, have e-mailed him so I see what he has to say.

Thank you
Ian 2nd Choice Core Nz

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