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SubjRe: Tim Richardson
On 29 Mar 17 20:12:18, Gregory Deyss said the following to Ward Dossche:

GD> WD> I'd like you to apply for a nodenumber ... how 'bout that?
GD> why would that be a problem? You speak of this as being a issue, or somethi
GD> that is not possible...

It sortof IS an issue, but not something impossible for Tim to achieve.

Tim kindof jumps from BBS to BBS, where he posts until such time as whatever
moderator he pisses off, decides to either threaten the BBS Sysop with a feed
cut or other Sysops will Netmail the BBS Sysop expressing their discontent
over what Tim the BBS user posts. The BBS Sysop usually doesn't want to deal
with such heat and finds its easier to axe the user than risk a feed cut.

Nowadays however, feed cuts are pretty much moot given the redundant feeds and
distribution we have in place, caused primarily over censorship actions that
occured in this very echo. The collective censorship actions of the Zone 1 NAB
caused a backlash and change in how Echomail is normally distributed.

I believe that if Tim actually got a node number and a redundant Fido-web
feed, it would be significantly more difficult to censor him, feed-cut him or
otherwise control what he has to say... it would be interesting to see this.

So.... I think the question was more for Tim, being as passionate as he is
when he posts, why not take it a step further and officially "join us".


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