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SubjWhat way does your front door open?
Hello Björn!

19 Aug 17 18:20, Björn Felten wrote to All:

BF> In Sweden it always opens out. But from the YouTube clips I have
BF> watched, in the US it always opens in. Correct? Why? To make it
BF> easier for the FBI to force the door open with a ram or what?

BF> So, how does the front door open in your neck of the wood?

Inward. There are several reasons for this:
Outward opening doors have hinges accessible on the outside. This usually makes
it way easier to break into a house using a crowbar or similar simple tool.
Outward opening doors can easily be blocked from the outside (by bad weather
conditions, ill-minded people...).
Outward opening doors cannot easily be closed or kept closed if there is some
evil-minded person you want to keep out.
Outward opening doors tend to push visitors from the door mat when opening (and
often there are stairs right behind them going downward).

Please note that this refers to doors of the usual private German home, only.
In Germany, larger buildings or such with regularly many people in them are
required to have doors opening outward to make sure that the door can be opened
in case of emergency when all people press to leave the building. There is even
kind of a saying that one can cite when unexpectedly meeting a door that opens
to the outside: "Kneipentür - geht nach außen auf" ("pub's door - opens


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