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GD>Russian Collusion. If it is not this subject, then it's always something
GD>else, Like how the President is somehow supposedly responsible for the
GD>events of this past weekend.

He was damned if he did and damned if he didn't.

The leftist media got pissed because Trump ruined their narrative of his
`not saying the right thing (in their eyes) right away.

He stole their thunder by pointing out it is more sensible to wait for all
the facts before coming out with any statement.

Several examples of the sensibility of that strategy are given on a constant
basis by both leftist democrats, RINO republicans, and the media themselves.

GD>I understood and accepted what he said about the matter, the first time he
GD>spoke about it,

So did the media and everyone with an IQ higher than the mid or high 70's.

The leftist media tried to make it out that he didn't say the right thing soon
enough (by *their* standard, and *their* version) and therefore condemned him.

BTW....they were going to condemn him over it no matter what.

GD>there was no reason to question it, not because he is my
GD>god or anything else that I have been accused of, I listened to what he
GD>said and it was clear, still is clear, both sides were responsible, but
GD>this somehow was not good enough for the media, so then on Monday the
GD>President went on television and disavowed again, using the names of these
GD>hateful white supremacy groups calling them out by name showing more
GD>supposed required clarity. Big Surprise the Fake News Media has come out
GD>and said well he did not mean it.

GD>He does need to realize who he is dealing with ; spoiled bratty children
GD>that call themselves journalists, who will never support him no matter
GD>what he does or says.

They are determined to destroy this presidency. They are so pissed that;

1. In all their ranks Hillary Clinton was the best they could come up with
as their candidate.

2. They know she's a crooked piece of dog dirt, but anything to thwart a
conservative way of life in this country they're in for.

3. Hillary lost because she's a crooked piece of dog dirt who played to
the elite and to hell with the little people.

And they are going to go to great lengths to frustrate every good thing Trump
tries to do for this country.

They don't care how they hurt this nation, they care less about bringing back
our economy, they don't care that dangerous people pour across our southern
border. All they care about is throwing stumbling blocks in front of
everything Trump does.

And make no mistake; republicans in Congress are as bad or worse than
democrats in this effort.

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