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On 08-18-17, WARD DOSSCHE said to LEE LOFASO:

WD>respect for amateur historian s such as yourself who claim that Hitler
WD>allowed the Brits to escape.

He did no such thing.

In fact, Hitler was so overwhelmed by had been achieved in the West he became
afraid something would happen to turn it around and cause a defeat. He railed
at the generals at HQ that they were `jeapardizing the victory'. He ordered
a halt in order to allow various parts of the onslaught to become clearer
result-wise. By the time wiser military heads convinced him the attack should
continue the vast majority of those trapped at Dunkirk had been taken off the
Continent and were in England.

Hitler was at one time touted as a `military genius'. He was no such thing. He
had a powerful military, and was very lucky early on. Coupled with the fact
that some of the military planners knew strategies to take out the Western
part of Europe fast.

But that all came tumpling down when the British proved tougher than Hitler
gave them credit for, and his invasion of the Soviet Union began to fall apart
when winter came along.

Had Hitler left Poland alone and been satisfied with what he'd achieved prior
to invading Poland, Germany would probably still be Nazi. Although by the time
war did kick off Germany's economy was about to see many `chickens come home
to roost'.

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