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SubjWhat way does your front door open?
Bj”rn Felten wrote to All on Saturday August 19 2017 at 18:20:

BF> One interesting fact that I have noticed is the way the front door
BF> opens.

BF> In Sweden it always opens out. But from the YouTube clips I have
BF> watched, in the US it always opens in. Correct? Why? To make it easier
BF> for the FBI to force the door open with a ram or what?

BF> So, how does the front door open in your neck of the wood?

Mine (in Germany, so no FBI) opens inward. I can't say anything about others,
except that the door to my house doctor also opens inward.

If I remember correctly, our house door in Canada (Montreat) also opened

The problem with doors that open outwards is that you need the room in the
front to be able to stand on when the door is opened. I would guess that most
doors in Germany open inwards for that reason alone. Just think of the problems
you have in a multi-party house with several apartments and a starcase if all
the doors opened outwards. Nobody could get past an opened door on the stairs
when the door is open.

Cheers, Bob

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