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SubjPutin Apologist
On 08-22-17, LEE LOFASO said to TIM RICHARDSON:

LL>Hello Tim,

WD>> respect for amateur historian s such as yourself who claim that Hitler
TR> allowed the Brits to escape.

TR> He did no such thing.

LL>Why did Hitler allow the Dunkirk evacuation?

He didn't `allow' it. Hitler got jittery over the huge successes rolling up
in the attack and paused the whole operation for a time. He wanted units to
solidify their achievements before going on.

LL>We all know without a doubt that he could have
LL>squashed them all, like bugs or cockroaches.
LL>So why on Earth would he allow them to escape?
LL>Certainly he had a reason. Probably a whole
LL>lot of reasons. But I can understand your
LL>delusion, having been misled by all the fake
LL>news concerning this event.

You're out in left field here (as usual).

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