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SubjRe: Remove Confederate St
On 08-24-17, GREGORY DEYSS said to JOE DELAHAYE:

GD>On 08/23/17, Joe Delahaye said the following...

JD> Re: Re: Remove Confederate Statues
JD> By: Gregory Deyss to Lee Lofaso on Tue Aug 22 2017 20:07:14
JD> GD> These Statues stood through the Civil Rights era and they stood
GD>throu JD> GD> 8 years of Obama too. Even Christopher Columbus monument
GD>which stood JD> GD> 253 years was smashed in Baltimore, enough already.
GD>It all adds up JD> GD> liberalism is a cancer and it is spreading.

JD> You should read the h istory of when those statues were erected. About
JD> half of them came into being during the Jim Crow period, and the rest
JD> were erected during the civil rights period in the 60s

GD>So why no outrage during the Obama years.

They didn't think of it then.

GD>You know what actually is outrageous the BLM movement, trying to stay
GD>relevant saying such outlandish things pigs in blanket fry them like
GD>bacon, what do we want, dead cops, when do we want them.. Now.
GD>It's allowed and to grow and fester and become a thing, all in the name of
GD>free speech.

GD>Here is some more free speech.

GD>They are like rabid animals and should be treated as such.
GD>These people are the real problem in America.

What you're seeing with these scumbags pulling down Civil War statues, and
trying to revise history is the democrats trying to erase their own history.

Democrats were the party of slavery.

Democrats were the party of the Jim Crow laws.

Democrats were the party of the KKK.

And they are getting their `useful idiots'; blacks and their hate-
organizations like BLM: to do their dirty work.

Here's a few oddities:

Back years ago the democrats dressed up in white robes and hoods and
threatened and assaulted people. That was the KKK.

Today democrats dress up in black clothing, wear black knitted `watch caps
they pull down over their faces with eye holes cut in them, and threaten and
assault people. They now call themselves `antifa' and `BLM'!

But both groups have something in common; they're democrats.

The liberals of the Middle East are pulling down and destroying Jewish and
Christian relics and historic objects.

The liberals in this country are pulling down and destroying historic objects
and relics of America's past.

There are three monuments to slavery in the Middle East the democrats need to
pull down if they're true to their `cause'; the three pyramids of Giza in
Egypt. Wonder when they'll get arond to them.

They'll next want to pull down the Lincoln Memorial. He *may* have said the
*N* word once or twice.

And Martin Luther King was strongly against same-sex marriage. His statue has
to be on the list somewhere.

Anyone remember Hillary Clinton letting Robery Byrd kiss her? There's a photo
of it online.

And the women of the country are screaming about how `sexist' republican men
are? They need to tear down the several statues of Bill Clinton before
pointing the finger at republicans. When will they get around to that?

Both Black Lives Matter and the KKK use race against each other....but both
outfits are *democrats* (and racists)!

Did you catch Nancy Pelosi saying; "Speaker Ryan, it's time to remove
Confederate statues from the Halls of Congress!"

She said that recently. She was Speaker of the House in 2007 to 2011, but
never said anything about them then!

Democrats are hypocrites. They are like vicious dogs. And the humorous part
is they are completely blind to their own hypocrisy. They even lie to and
about each other!

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