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SubjRemove Confederate Statue

-=> Gregory Deyss wrote to Bill McGarrity on 08-24-17 21:26 <=-

GD> On 08/24/17, Bill McGarrity said the following...

BM> Isn't it curious that on July 9th., 1776, the people of New York City
BM> toppled a statue of King George III. No wonder no one knows who won the
BM> American Revolution.

Big hint:

It wasn't King George III!

GD> You know what is more curious all of these statues that people claim
GD> have them demoralized, suppressed and downtrodden were just fine having
GD> no ill effects of depression, when Obama was in office. He was worst
GD> President in American history, and most expensive.

No argument. But he was the democrats' worst president in history!

BM>We're 8 months into this disaster and he's already bankrupted the Secret
BM>Service... lol!!

McGarrity has been taking in fake news again!

Actually...the problem has been ongoing for a decade or so. Trump had nothing
to do with it.

USA Today and CNN took a few items of info and blew them out of proportion,
into a notion that `Donald Trump' is responsible for something that was also
happening even before he was elected!

BM>He's spent 3 times the $ on 'holiday weekends' than was
BM>spent in the entire year under the previous administration. All these are

Pipe dreams of the main stream media! And Mcgarrity sucked it up!

Notice the four day trip Hussein took to Chicago and Palm Beach in 2013
costing $3.6 million doesn't get any mention?

GD> The King was standing in the way of independence. Furthermore this
GD> kings statue was not taken down by future descendent's 200 years later,
GD> like what is happening today.

BM>Really? The statues you seemed so attached to were all erected close to 60
BM>years (1920's) after the fact

By Democrats.

BM>and stood in the way of equality. They were
BM>'dedicated' during the Jim Crow era and only served one purpose, to

*Democrats* were the party of `Jim Crow'!

BM>Here's a little bit of history that's never been told. I'm
BM>sure you'll disagree but hey, why educational books in today's period all
BM>come from Texas must be the cause of this oversight...


As you read some of the `info' on the various sites you'll find under
`zinnedproject' remember those who supported slavery were `democrats'.

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