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SubjRemove Confederate St
Hello Tim,

GD>>> These Statues stood through the Civil Rights era and they stood
GD>> throu JD> GD> 8 years of Obama too. Even Christopher Columbus monument
GD>> which stood JD> GD> 253 years was smashed in Baltimore, enough already.
GD>> It all adds up JD> GD> liberalism is a cancer and it is spreading.

JD>> You should read the h istory of when those statues were erected. About
JD>> half of them came into being during the Jim Crow period, and the rest
JD>> were erected during the civil rights period in the 60s

GD>> So why no outrage during the Obama years.

TR> They didn't think of it then.

Obama spent his childhood in Indonesia, where his mother was
studying to become an archaeologist, and her second husband was
teaching her kid about the wonders of Islam.

GD>> You know what actually is outrageous the BLM movement, trying to stay
GD>> relevant saying such outlandish things pigs in blanket fry them like
GD>> bacon, what do we want, dead cops, when do we want them.. Now.
GD>> It's allowed and to grow and fester and become a thing, all in the name
TR> of
GD>> free speech.

GD>> Here is some more free speech.

GD>> They are like rabid animals and should be treated as such.
GD>> These people are the real problem in America.

TR> What you're seeing with these scumbags pulling down Civil War statues, and
TR> trying to revise history is the democrats trying to erase their own

All Confederate statues should be taken down, as they have become
rallying points for white racist groups (such as neo-Nazis and KKK).
This country does not need symbols of hate to represent us. Far
better would be having symbols of love and peace.

TR> Democrats were the party of slavery.

Strom Thurmond was a Dixiecrat. Another word for racist Republican.

TR> Democrats were the party of the Jim Crow laws.

Which party is pushing for voter suppression these days?

TR> Democrats were the party of the KKK.

Which party is pushing for voter suppression these days?

TR> And they are getting their `useful idiots'; blacks and their hate-
TR> organizations like BLM: to do their dirty work.

Neo-Nazis and the KKK are violent white supremacist groups.
One of them plowed into a crowd in Charlottesville, Virginia,
killing a young woman. Really fine people, offing innocent
people just for the hell of it.


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