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SubjFirst man on the moon
Hello Bj”rn,

MvdV>> Women had to wait for a solution for the problem of peeing in zero
MvdV>> gravity...

BF> The solution must be the same: a catheter -- only it's easier to apply one
BF> on a female than a man...

Doesn't quite work that way.

Think about things from a different perspective.

How would you have sex in space? I am talking male/female
relationships, not same-sex. How would you and your partner
do it? I am sure NASA has studied this, as there has been
at least one married couple in space.

Assuming it is possible to have sex in space, and I assure
you that it is more than quite possible, can a woman get pregant
in space? And can a woman carry to term? And give birth in

Anyway, back to the original question.

How would you and your partner have sex in space?


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