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SubjFirst man on the moon
Hello Bj”rn,

BF> We all know that 12 US astronauts still are the only human beings that
BF> walked on the surface of the moon.

That is merely a claim, not established fact, as it has never
been independently verified.

BF> But can anyone please tell me why NASA was so dead set on putting *MEN* on
BF> the moon?

Dr. Lovelace tried to convince NASA to use women rather than men
as astronauts, but was overruled by his superiors.

BF> The average male, well trained, astronaut did weigh circa 90kg. A
BF> trained female astronaut would weigh about 60kg. So all the Apollo
BF> carried about 90kg extra weight to the Moon, and 60kg extra weight for the
BF> Lunar Module, just because NASA insisted on male Lunar travellers.

Only Hollywood insists on using tall astronauts.

BF> Why, when every kg cost thousands of dollars?

Somebody else (US taxpayers) was paying for the trip.

BF> And then there is of the question why all twelve were white, but lets
BF> it there for now...

The first time the US launched a black man into space all
went well. That was back in 1983. NASA was so excited that
black folks could fly in space it decided to do it again.
So in 1986, on the same shuttle, a second black man tried
to make it into space. Unfortunately, something went awry
and all were lost at sea.

This event was shown live on CBS News, with Dan Rather
reporting. The capsule had detached from the shuttle and
plummetted into the ocean, with all astronauts aboard.

The remains of the astronauts were recovered, but never
shown or televised. Did any of them survive impact, only
to die of other causes? I don't know. But some of them
might very have been alive when they hit the water.

That was the first shuttle disaster I witnessed. Live
on television. The second shuttle disaster I watched in
the early morning as it incinerated in the sky above.

The US lost 14 astronauts in the shuttle program due to
two accidents. Both of those accidents could have been
avoided. If only NASA had taken proper steps to ensure
the safety of its astronauts.

BF> RFC, please. 8-)


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