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SubjFirst man on the moon
Hello Bill,

BF>> We all know that 12 US astronauts still are the only human beings
BM> that
BF>> have walked on the surface of the moon.

BF>> But can anyone please tell me why NASA was so dead set on putting
BF>> *MEN* on the moon?

BF>> The average male, well trained, astronaut did weigh circa 90kg. A
BF>> similarly trained female astronaut would weigh about 60kg. So all the
BF>> Apollo missions carried about 90kg extra weight to the Moon, and 60kg
BF>> extra weight for the Lunar Module, just because NASA insisted on male
BF>> Lunar travellers.

BF>> Why, when every kg cost thousands of dollars?

BF>> And then there is of the question why all twelve were white, but
BF>> lets leave it there for now...

BF>> RFC, please. 8-)

BM> Long story short... 50 years ago was another reality.

Women still can't pee standing up.


Our Nuts, Your Mouth

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