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SubjAmerika the Brutal
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KW> Re: Amerika the Brutal
KW> By: Gerrit Kuehn to Robert Bashe on Sat Apr 14 2018 10:45 am

GK> generations to follow. PTSD is only the tip of the iceberg there. So I
GK> wouldn't really call this "forgetting" atrocities. It is more like a
GK> fade-out process, and it can take very long until it is really gone.

KW> I think of the atrocities that our grandparents went through in WW II,
KW> didn't speak to anyone of what they saw/felt, and buried all of that
KW> trauma inside.

KW> Patriclk Stewart talks about his abusive father, working with battered
KW> shelters in England, and looking into his father's history, finding out
KW> he was an MP at Dunkirk. Boggles the mind what he'd gone through.

KW> Things do change - traumatic brain injuries meant KIA in WW II, and a
KW> lengthy convalescence now. And, from what I hear about the US Army,
KW> people are engaging in multiple tours of duty, as military action has
KW> been pretty much ongoing since 9/11/2001. More stress and more
KW> survivors isn't a good combo,

This may put some perspective on the 'terminology' over the years...



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