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SubjNo Peace Possible
Hello Ward,

JM>>> Trump supporters never admit Trump is wrong, they get fired or
JM>>> resign to, you know, spend more time with their family.

LL>> Republicans are the party of traditional family values. Remember that.
LL>> And you'll be fine. Just fine ...

WD> From now on Presidents can molest 17 women, pay porn stars for sex, all
WD> while married and still get 71% of the evangelical vote ...

You are beginning to sound like James Comey, the former director
of the FBI, who Trump claims is both a liar and a fool (among other
things). In his latest interview, Comey stated that Trump is unfit
for office due to his lack of morals. So who is the liar? Maybe
both of them. But one is more believable than the other.


Nobody Beats Our Meat

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