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SubjThe Meaning of Life II
Hello Everybody,

What is the meaning of life? David Drummond is still searching -

-=begin quote=-

GB>>So tell me, is it painful being a complete failure as
GB>a human being? If it's not, it sure should be.

BF>What are your definition of complete failure?

BF>The only purpose of every human being is of course to procreate and
BF>leave a generation better than your own.

DD>Well, Bugger! It would appear that I am a complete failure.

DD>Do I get any kudos for NOT passing on my faulty genes? Surely
DD>that improved the next generation?

-=end quote=-

Get a dog. Preferably a telepathic dog. And train him to chase
mailmen for when you get hungry.


Every Bottom Needs A Top

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