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On 2018 Jun 13 19:27:44, you wrote to Gerrit Kuehn:

RB>>> Of course. All I have to do is look at the German Bundestag to
RB>>> realize that. Ever hear of "Fraktionszwang"? That means a
RB>>> representative MUST vote according to the recommendation of his/her
RB>>> group in parliament, regardless of his/her personal conviction.

GK>> Which does not exist by law in Germany. Please read Art. 38 of the
GK>> Grundgesetz, it clearly states that all representatives are free.
GK>> No-one "MUST vote" according to any group.

RB> C'mon Gerrit. You aren't _that_ naive ;-)

RB> Just because there is no LAW doesn't mean there is no pressure to vote

we must be reading two different statements... i read

"Which does not exist by law in Germany"

and understood that to mean that there /is a law/ prohibiting


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