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On 2018 Jun 13 19:58:48, you wrote to me:

>>> if you go to - which usedtawas -
>> ahhh... ok... yeah, he mentioned that he had already shutdown
>>> you'll see his message. I didn't realize it the other day, but there
>>> is a link to the BBS there and it works
>> probably redirecting to docsplace...

JK> I talked to Ed today since I deliver echomail to his system,

so does my system... to his 141, IIRC...

JK> and it hasn't 'failed' yet...

yeah, i haven't seen problems, either...

JK> so I wondered if he had plans to take it all down.. he said he'd let
JK> me know if he decides to do so.

all i know/knew was what he wrote in WILDCAT!_SUPPORT... it isn't the first
time... i think i talked him out of it one time when he was n123c...


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