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On 2018 Jun 14 10:46:00, you wrote to Dale Shipp:

DS>> You are wrong. It was 227 votes out of the 286 *Cs, i.e. 79% of
DS>> those eligible to vote. It was not a Sysop wide election. Since Z1
DS>> only had 175 eligible voters some of those 227 votes had to have come
DS>> from Z2.

MV> The numbers do not mean very much if there is no record of how the
MV> election was conducted

how that selection process was conducted is written in P4 and the snooze...

MV> and and if there is no confidence that it was counducted in a fair and
MV> honest way.

NC's supposedly collected votes from their nets and supposedly cast their vote
based on the count of those collected votes... many folk thought the *Cs were
required to (aka MUST) vote according to the tally count (aka "Fraktionszwang")
but apparently they were free to vote as they desired whether they paid
attention to the vote counts of the constituients or not... there were
definitely some *Cs that cast their votes contrary to their constituients vote

MV> Elections conducted in secrecy do not help building confidence.

there was no secrecy in the P4 selection process... net members cast their
votes... the NC counted the votes and cast their vote with the RC... the RC
counted the votes of the NCs and cast their vote with the ZC...

MV> I personally knew Henk Wevers. I met him about a dozen times. You have
MV> your numbers. I know what Henk Wevers told me.

MV> "Z2 rejected P4. We were betrayed."

MV> Z1 rammed P4 down our throats by right of might.

that's bullshit... look at the numbers and do the math!

227 netwide votes cast
175 eligible voters in Z1
52 voters from Z2

some of those 52 votes may have been from Z3... in any case, there was no
throat ramming... maybe insufficient numbers to overturn but still plenty
enough to affect the returns...

i do remember there were numerous big stinks about NC's casting votes contrary
to the majority of sysops' votes in their nets... they didn't last another NC
selection in many cases... i seem to recall also that there was a region or
""few"" that cast votes contrary to the net vote counts they collected...

i only ever had the numbers for N275 and R13 because a) that's where i was and
b) they were tallied in election echos for each of them... i never saw the
numbers for other nets or regions... the final numbers were posted to the
snooze where everyone could see them...


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