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SubjThe Meaning of Life
Hello Everybody,

Two sysops (Gerritt Kuehn and Bj”rn Felten) brought up some
interesting questions in another echo the other day -

-=begin quote=-

GB>So tell me, is it painful being a complete failure as a
GB>human being? If it's not, it sure should be.

BF>What are your definition of complete failure?

BF>The only purpose of every human being is of course to procreate
BF>and leave a generation better than your own. And then there's the
BF>religious crap of course, but just let us leave that for the time

BF>So, once again, what are your requisite for a non-failure human

-=end quote=-

In the story "A Boy and His Dog", by Harlan Ellison, these very
same questions were raised. A boy (Vic) and his dog (Blood) are
travelling through wastelands after the devastation of a global
five-day nuclear war. A girl by the name of Quilla Holmes
seduces Vic, separating him from Blood. The boy is dependent
on his dog for survival, as his dog is telepathic. At the
end of the day, the boy faces a dilemma. The three of them
are starving, and all will die if they get nothing to eat.
The boy realizes there is only enough food to save either the
girl or the dog (aside from himself). So who does he save?
Well, we all know the answer to that. A dog is a boy's best
friend ...

Here is the dilemma raised by Ellison in his story -

Which is more important - self-preservation or procreation of
the species?

The boy chose self-preservation, as he needed his telepathic
dog for survival. Even if it meant the end of the human race.

Ellison wrote a joke at the end of his story, having the dog
ask the boy, "Want a leg?" The boy answered, "I'm not hungry."


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