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Hello Wilfred,

On Thu Sep 14 2017 09:02:38, Wilfred van Velzen wrote to Nicholas Boel:

WV> I'll keep an eye on the STATS area, so if it becomes unreadable
WV> because of tmux, that won't do for me...

The stats themselves usually aren't altered very much, definitely still
readable. It's just the ansi graphics around it (ie: graphs or status bars)
that either disappears or is mangled. I don't have a problem reading most of
the actual stats, though.

NB>> I tried the "-c" option as well, and it seemed like it reverted
NB>> everything back to how my console displayed things without tmux.
NB>> So now, I just run tmux, then run golded inside.

WV> If the -c option worked, I would have considered using tmux by default
WV> from my golded start script. But it's nice to have this option when I
WV> want/need to read messages with utf8... ;)

tmux new golded - is now my new golded script. This way works, whereas the -c
option doesn't.


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