FromWilfred van Velzen2:280/464.0Date Write2017-09-14 23:55:06
ToNicholas Boel0:0/0.0Date Arrived2017-09-15 01:01:18
SubjRe: ncurses
Hi Nicholas,

On 2017-09-14 16:01:42, you wrote to me:

WV>> If the -c option worked, I would have considered using tmux by
WV>> default from my golded start script. But it's nice to have this
WV>> option when I want/need to read messages with utf8... ;)

NB> tmux new golded - is now my new golded script. This way works, whereas the
NB> -c option doesn't.

For me too. But I'm not going to use tmux by default. But it's a neat trick if
I want to read utf-8 chars properly! ;)

Bye, Wilfred.

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