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Subjifcico story continues
Hello Benny!

04 Oct 17 21:34, you wrote to me:

BP> 04 Oct 2017 13:42, Ingo Juergensmann wrote to All:
IJ>> remote uses: TrapDoor [39] version 1.85/24374
BP> there is 2 patches to trapdoor on aminet :=)

Remember my posting in AmigaNet regarding the patches for Trapdoor?

Anyway, this is not about the Trapdoor side not working, but it's the Linux
side that is not working. I already connected successfully to other nodes with
IFC flag from my Trapdoor installation.

BP> use port 24554 !

Well, that number behind the Trapdoor version is not the port number, but the
serial number of my TD license key. Port 24554 would be binkd port anyway and
ifcico over TCP is operating on port 60177 as shown below by your config

BP> ----- qico begins -----
BP> # binkp = 24554
BP> # tfido = 60179
BP> # fido = 60177

BP> note my server_args :=)

How do they translate from qico to ifcico?


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