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SubjModem emulator over T
Hi Dan!

09 Nov 2017 21:12, from Dan Clough -> TONY TOON:

TT>> Not software, and you're probably already aware of it, but there's
TT>> the WiFi232. It's designed to attach to old devices and acts like a
TT>> modem but routes the connection over TCP/IP. It accepts
TT>> ATDT127.0.0.1 and functions exactly like you're looking.
DC> Yes, that is exactly what he's looking for.

DC> Problem is, they are not available. The guy who makes them only turns
DC> out small batches and it's been sold out for months. Supposedly going
DC> to be more coming "some day". Arggghhh.

It uses an ESP8266 with a specific programming.
See eg here

You will also need level converters to shift to the correct voltages.

CU, Ricsi

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