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In a message on Saturday 11-10-17 Richard Menedetter said to Joaquim

Hej Joaquim,

JH> I have looked at tcpser, even built it, and been in touch with the
JH> author when I failed to get it working (as I described).

Take a look at a program named SIO. I'm using it here and ist has much
more to offer than I can use.

JH> It would seem
JH> the author is under the impression that it is not a "Modem + COM port
JH> emulator", but more along the lines of a "Remote Modem Emulator", in
JH> other words, something that allows us/me/you to talk to a modem by
JH> distance (or "virtual port", which may or may not be local/remote).

It may be close to what you are looking for.



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