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Subjamiga and linux

Hello Maurice!

12 Nov 17 17:14, you wrote to Benny Pedersen:

MK> Hey Benny!

BP>> Amiga will only have EMSI

MK> Any decent Linux based fidonet software doesn't require EMSI even on a
MK> regular serial port modem. Good luck finding a working serial port
MK> modem these days. USB modems are a more likely target and for those
MK> there are kernel modules that should work just fine. Also they should
MK> have no issues with binkd and possibly other binkp capable software.
MK> No abandonware required.

You can find a USR Courier 56K (Serial modem) on e-bay for about $20 US. good
serial modems are out there.

MK> As for Amiga there isn't a linux distribution for them so it really
MK> isn't worth persuing. A computer without linux isn't worth wasting
MK> electricity on methinks.

There are some older distros that run on amigas but they're incredibly
difficult to get working correctly, and you have to hand configure just about
everything to make it work right. I can't think of one good reason why you
would want to toss Linux on an Amiga other than the bragging rights of "I did


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