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Subjamiga and linux
Hello Mike!

12 Nov 17 11:49, you wrote to Maurice Kinal:

MK>> Any decent Linux based fidonet software doesn't require EMSI even
MK>> on a regular serial port modem. Good luck finding a working
MK>> serial port modem these days. USB modems are a more likely
MK>> target and for those there are kernel modules that should work
MK>> just fine. Also they should have no issues with binkd and
MK>> possibly other binkp capable software. No abandonware required.
MM> You can find a USR Courier 56K (Serial modem) on e-bay for about $20
MM> US. good serial modems are out there.

Got a bunch of Zyxel 1496E modems for between 5.- and 10.- EUR on Ebay.

MK>> As for Amiga there isn't a linux distribution for them so it
MK>> really isn't worth persuing. A computer without linux isn't
MK>> worth wasting electricity on methinks.
MM> There are some older distros that run on amigas but they're
MM> incredibly difficult to get working correctly, and you have to hand
MM> configure just about everything to make it work right. I can't think
MM> of one good reason why you would want to toss Linux on an Amiga other
MM> than the bragging rights of "I did it!"

Erm, although Debian 68k is not anymore part of the official Debian releases,
the port is still alive and kicking! Currently there are plans to do a Debian
68k developer meeting in Germany next year.
At the moment there are efforts ongoing to fix some broken drivers and/or port
a driver for the X-Surf 100 NIC.

So, it's not true that there is no distro for Amigas (or m68k computers). It's
true that there might be some challenges when you want to make a new install on

I've been contributing to Debian 68k for about 15 years with like 4x 060 and 1x
040 Amigas.


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