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Subjamiga and linux
Hey Benny!

BP> so why do you have a raspberry pi ? :=)

I used to have one but I gave it to my eldest grandson who seemed to be more
inspired by it then I was. When I was playing with it I did manage to get a 64
bit kernel and apps working (gcc and friends). No serial ports on there so it
would have required either a usb modem or a usb serial port adapter to get an
external serial modem working with. Having no regular telephone landline I
fail to see why spending money and wasting limited resources would be something
that would interest anyone. Also I doubt the 64 bit customized linux I built
for a raspi3 would have worked on an amiga nevermind the modem.

BP> i just say EMSI was first

You mean with Fidonet? Most of my serisl based communications back then were
with a proton precession magnetometer it was wired to a serial port on a 286.
No EMSI handshaking that I recall but instead kermit running from a 5.25"
floppy drive. Back then for Fidonet I was connecting to a DEC (VAX/VMS) server
running a BBS either using a 4800 baud modem (cutting edge at the time) from a
home based 386 or a dumb terminal using telnet to interact with the echobases.
I doubt the BBS was using EMSI at all but I don't know that for sure. That
would have been the late 1980's to early 1990's just before the network dropped
the DEC server in favour of Sparc stations. Not a single Amiga was ever
deployed in that particular network which was connected via the internet to the
world. I suspect the VAX/VMS BBS was using that connection for exchanging
Fidonet pkt's and was unlikely using EMSI or even a serial port but I don't
that for sure.

BP> there is no waste other then BINKP

Sure. I could live without it. Same with EMSI. How about you?

Speaking of which how about a ssl based protocol? Optimally It could use
whatever hardware connection you can think of including a serial port external
modem if that is all you have for connectivity. Personally I don't and neither
does anyone locally in this part of the world. There is good reason it is all
abandonware including (especially) EMSI.

Life is good,

... Don't cry for me I have vi.
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