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Subjamiga and linux
Hello Benny!

12 Nov 17 19:33, you wrote to Maurice Kinal:

BP> i just say EMSI was first, long time before the kids of BINKP protocol
BP> came out

BP> there is no waste other then BINKP

First there was what was later called diet Ifna or something like that.
Later people developed more intricate protocols to work over a serial
line connection. EMSI was introduced to negociate the most usefull
common protocoll.

If only telnet or maybe even raw was used to carry existing serial protocols
the EMSI would come in usefull. IP connections use different port numbers
for different protocols, so no negociation is required after connecting.
BINKP uses a defined port number and the protocol is optimised for IP
connections and only that protocol. There is no need to add EMSI to
negociate that BINKP is the most usefull protocol for that connection, it
is already known and selected.


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