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SubjModem emulator over TCP/IP
Good ${greeting_time}, mark!

09 Nov 2017 19:07:42, you wrote to me:

ml> * Originally in linux
ml> * Crossposted in ftsc_public

Ok, you were the first who did that...

* Originally in LINUX
* Crossposted in FTSC_PUBLIC

JH>>> Is anyone aware of any software / driver for Linux that will, like
JH>>> NetSerial for example, emulate a "modem" over TCP/IP. That is, I
JH>>> can send "ATDT123.123.123.123" and it will establish a telnet
AV>> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^
AV>> IPv4? Telnet???
ml> sure! why not?

FQDN? IPv6? Never heard of.
For telnet... well, only lamers from US may still use it and yell about those
terrible "Russian hackers".

Hint: read the 'SSH to Telnet "gateway"' thread in this echo, started by Joacim
Melin on 2016-04-10, especially my answers with MSGID: 2:5020/545 570b23d5 and
MSGID: 2:5020/545 570b8e84. Control question: how did I find he was running old
FreeBSD 7.3 in the VM? :-)

JH>>> session with the specified IP address and "act" like a modem?
AV>> Forget of both.
ml> really?? a FTSC member attempting to snuff out development in the
ml> network?? what's next? are you going to DDoS other developers working
ml> to offer FTNs another method of connecting?? are you sure you
ml> need/should remain on the FTSC with this attitude??

Modem emulation over insecure IPv4-only links is not a development - it's
degradation. What do _you_ do in FTSC without understanding that?

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