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SubjModem emulator over TCP/IP
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On 2017 Nov 13 07:15:00, you wrote to me:

ml>> * Originally in linux
ml>> * Crossposted in ftsc_public

AV> Ok, you were the first who did that...


AV> * Originally in LINUX
AV> * Crossposted in FTSC_PUBLIC

JH>>>> Is anyone aware of any software / driver for Linux that will, like
JH>>>> NetSerial for example, emulate a "modem" over TCP/IP. That is, I
JH>>>> can send "ATDT123.123.123.123" and it will establish a telnet
AV>>> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^
AV>>> IPv4? Telnet???
ml>> sure! why not?

AV> FQDN? IPv6? Never heard of.

they have been heard of, yes... start with the existing and easy stuff and then
add the capabilities for using other methods... have you not heard of doing

AV> For telnet... well, only lamers from US may still use it and yell
AV> about those terrible "Russian hackers".

i've seen no one yelling about "russian hackers"...

AV> Hint: read the 'SSH to Telnet "gateway"' thread in this echo, started
AV> by Joacim Melin on 2016-04-10, especially my answers with MSGID:
AV> 2:5020/545 570b23d5 and MSGID: 2:5020/545 570b8e84. Control question:
AV> how did I find he was running old FreeBSD 7.3 in the VM? :-)


JH>>>> session with the specified IP address and "act" like a modem?
AV>>> Forget of both.
ml>> really?? a FTSC member attempting to snuff out development in the
ml>> network?? what's next? are you going to DDoS other developers working
ml>> to offer FTNs another method of connecting?? are you sure you
ml>> need/should remain on the FTSC with this attitude??

AV> Modem emulation over insecure IPv4-only links is not a development

sure it is... it offers another channel for communications... perhaps this
quote will help you remember what fidonet is all about...

FidoNet's PURPOSE:

Very simple; it is a hobby, a non-commercial network of computer hobbiests
("hackers", in the older, original meaning) who want to play with, and find
uses for, packet switch networking. It is not a commercial venture in any way;
FidoNet is totally supported by it's users and sysops, and in many ways is
similar to ham radio, in that other than a few "stiff" rules, each sysop runs
their system in any way they please, for any reason they want.

FidoHist.Txt, 7/14/85, Tom Jennings, the founder of Fidonet

AV> - it's degradation.

really? communications is a degradation? we see where you are now...

AV> What do _you_ do in FTSC without understanding that?

since i'm not a candidate i'll turn your question back on you... what is your


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