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SubjRe: Modem emulator over TCP/IP
-=> Static wrote to Tony Langdon <=-

St> If it's short enough. Telix has a 17-character limit in the phone book
St> so longer hostnames or IP+port combinations won't fit.

The ones I tried obviously were short enough. Got lucky. :)

St> Well that's a shame. I wonder why that was omitted. It works in the
St> Linux port and Android is very closely related...
St> I have DosBox Turbo on some of my devices so I opened up the .conf by
St> hand. Sure enough the serial stanza is completely absent, and even if
St> you add it in manually the application doesn't react to it at all.

There's several Android ports of DOSBox, and all are crippled in the same weay.
:( And I got exactly the same results as you - even manually adding the
options didn't work. In one case, I used the exact same config as my working
Windows DOSBox config. :(

... Yoda of Borg are we. Assimilated prepare to be...
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