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SubjSkyWave Linux? Anyone?

Hello everybody!

Any SDR geeks around? Anyone using Skywave Linux?

No support ML, forum or anything.

After finally geting to this on my list of the test items, and a testh machine
to play with... Trying to give this a whirl inplace of regular *Buntu, Raspbian
etc. since it include 90% of the SDR software preinstalled.

VM Setup:

2GB RAM, 2 CPU, USB 2.x, Max VRAM, AMD-V is

The issues: (Note: MD5SUM's verified! ISO's were burned on the same DVD drive
in the test box and on another, data write verified)


3.02, in VM, and Live DVD. No boot. Just goes to a black screen.

3.01, VM or Live Boots, EXCESSIVE BOOT TIME as in 10+ minutes!

3.0, Live or VM FAILS Something like "/casper/emilix " Missing.

2.3 - NO ISO! I missed getting this download, torrent has no seeds. Can't find
a direct DL? Any one have this ISO to test?

2.2 Live Boots, faster than the 3.x series, about on par with any other live

I would prefer to get the 3.02 working due to it having preinsdtalled some
stuff that is much later than the other versions and newer stuff.

I am testing this out on a brand new, Dell Quad Core AMD box, with 8GB RAM, it
runs Kubuntu 16.04 normally. So since Skywave is based on that it should be no

Any one had any success with this???? Setup?


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