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SubjSkyWave Linux? Anyone?
Hello Rick!

12 Jan 18, Rick Christian wrote to All:

RC> 3.02, in VM, and Live DVD. No boot. Just goes to a black screen.

Tried EFI boot option? Toggle it. I got an ISO of omv that didn't work with

RC> 3.01, VM or Live Boots, EXCESSIVE BOOT TIME as in 10+ minutes!

SDR requies SDR capable hardware? If not found the init process may stuck.

Another impact of slow system response could be the setup of the VM disk
controller. If it doesn't use host i/o cache the vm is incredible slow with
disk i/o. You could try a different controller too, ide vs scsi.

RC> I am testing this out on a brand new, Dell Quad Core AMD box, with
RC> 8GB RAM, it runs Kubuntu 16.04 normally. So since Skywave is based
RC> on that it should be no issues.

Try to get the SDR stuff onto a running Kubuntu?

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