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SubjSkyWave Linux? Anyone?

Hello Kai!

13 Jan 18 13:44, you wrote to me:

KR> Tried EFI boot option? Toggle it. I got an ISO of omv that didn't work
KR> with EFI.

I'll look at the VM for that... but my systems are not UEFI enabled. I disable
all that cruft. My systems are set up only for Legacy BIOS mode, and will
remain so.

KR> SDR requies SDR capable hardware? If not found the init process may
KR> stuck.

Nope. My other SDR setups boot quite fine with or without the dongle(s)
attached. Raspbian, KUbuntun 12.-04-16.04

KR> Try to get the SDR stuff onto a running Kubuntu?

As per above, I have the standard rtl_sdr stuff running on other setups. Those
boot fine with or with out the dongles.

I can't take those boxes down to play with as they running prodcution mission
critical applications for which I am paid by subscribers to use.


... NOprah!
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