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SubjModem emulator over TCP/IP

Hello Tony!

10 Jan 18 08:22, you wrote to me:
TL> I agree totally, that's why I run binkd here. I was a Bink user back
TL> in the modem days, so binkd wasn't a huge learning curve, even though
TL> it is quite different. At least BSO was familiar to me. :)

I ran FD during the days I had my stuff on modem, specifically because I
disliked (and still do) bink. Unfortunately on the NATIVE Linux side there
seems to be little elese available. There were reasons as to why FD made sense
to me at the time. I even added in Terminate as a point system for some
things. Although my main point was just my old FD setup made into a point, when
I moved all mystuff into my office where I had the phone lines to spare.

So the possabiity of a NATIVE LINUX FD... is like nirvana! FD made sense to me
where as bink doesn't and still doesn't. I think there is also a Linux version
of the tosser I used at that time too. Right now the only piece of the puzzle
that is missing is FD.

I had FD, BGFAX, GIGO all running. I actully tested BGFA and GIGO.

I'd love to find a Linux path for GIGO, the various UseNet/EMAIL to Fido gating
systems all seem to be DOA regardless of OS. I may still scrape all the pieces
together and mix up a VM with DOSBox etc. to try this out for a project, but
I've got other things on the list right now.


... NOprah!
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