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SubjRe: Modem emulator over TCP/IP
-=> Rick Christian wrote to Tony Langdon <=-

RC> I ran FD during the days I had my stuff on modem, specifically because
RC> I disliked (and still do) bink. Unfortunately on the NATIVE Linux side
RC> there seems to be little elese available. There were reasons as to why
RC> FD made sense
RC> to me at the time. I even added in Terminate as a point system for
RC> some things. Although my main point was just my old FD setup made into
RC> a point, when
RC> I moved all mystuff into my office where I had the phone lines to
RC> spare.

Bink worked for me, and when I had my point running GIGO (the point was spun
off the original BBS), Bink's bidirectional transfer protocol saved a lot of
time, with a lot of mail travelling in both directions, especially in the
earlier days, when I was running 2400 bps. Was interesting seeing bot RxD and
Txd lights on continuously. :)

RC> So the possabiity of a NATIVE LINUX FD... is like nirvana! FD made
RC> sense to me where as bink doesn't and still doesn't. I think there is
RC> also a Linux version of the tosser I used at that time too. Right now
RC> the only piece of the puzzle that is missing is FD.

RC> I had FD, BGFAX, GIGO all running. I actully tested BGFA and GIGO.

I was a big fan of GIGO at the time. :)

RC> I'd love to find a Linux path for GIGO, the various UseNet/EMAIL to
RC> Fido gating
RC> systems all seem to be DOA regardless of OS. I may still scrape all
RC> the pieces
RC> together and mix up a VM with DOSBox etc. to try this out for a
RC> project, but I've got other things on the list right now.

Yeah, all are dead, as are the ham packet radio to FTN gating systems that were
around in the 90s. :( Sadly, GIGO is abandonware. Someone would have to
rewrite a clone from the ground up. :(

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