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SubjPUSHKIN.LOCAL: Опубликовано Privacy Policy для HotdogEd

> Сергей Позитурин написал и опубликовал Privacy Policy для HotdogEd. Также
> он выразил надежду на скорое возвращение приложения в Google Play.

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* Subj : Google Play delisted HotdogEd due to missing privacy policy.

Google Play delisted HotdogEd due to missing privacy policy stating the
After review, HotdogEd Editor, com.pushkin.hotdoged, has been removed from
Google Play because it violates our personal and sensitive information policy
and section 4.8 of the Developer Distribution Agreement. This app won?t be
available to users until you submit a compliant update.

Though HotdogEd is available for free via the Downloads section of HotdogEd app
site, in order to make the users comfortable I've created and published the
application privacy policy here:
Documentation was also updated.
Hope we'll be back at Google Play soon.

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