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The State of ZFS On Linux

An anonymous reader writes: Richard Yao, one of the most prolific contributors
to the ZFSOnLinux project, has put up a post explaining why he thinks the
filesystem is definitely production-ready. He says, "ZFS provides strong
guarantees for the integrity of [data] from the moment that fsync() returns on
a file, an operation on a synchronous file handle is returned or dirty
writeback occurs (by default every 5 seconds). These guarantees are enabled by
ZFS' disk format, which places all data into a Merkle tree that stores 256-bit
checksums and is changed atomically via a two-stage transaction commit.. ...
Sharing a common code base with other Open ZFS platforms has given ZFS on Linux
the opportunity to rapidly implement features available on other Open ZFS
platforms. At present, Illumos is the reference platform in the Open ZFS
community and despite its ZFS driver having hundreds of features, ZoL is only
behind on about 18 of them."

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Где-нибудь через месяц можно начинать мацать, а к концу года, глядишь, ее и
допилят до состояния, пригодного к использованию в боевой среде...

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